Boost your promotional budget with Google Ad Grants for non-profits

Google Ad Grants are a great resource for non-profits

Once your IT is well-maintained and your security culture is in place, it’s time to put your technology to good use! Do you know about Google Ad Grants? You’re probably one of 85,000 Canadian non-profits who are eligible for up to $10,000 in monthly promotional funding from Google.

Given the extreme financial pressure Canadian charities and non-profits currently face, often coupled with unprecedented demand for their services, there is no such thing as “extra money.” Despite this, a significant number of organizations are unaware that Google offers you up to $10,000/month in Google Ads through their Google Ad Grants program. This gives you the power to create effective campaigns that display on Google Search when people look for information related to your non-profit.

If your website is in good shape, you probably qualify for Google Ad Grants

Start by watching this video:

Welcome to Google Ad Grants – YouTube

Does it work in Canada?

That’s always a question when you encounter programs that originate in the USA. This blog gives you info you can trust.

Official Google Canada Blog: Helping Canadian nonprofits connect with local communities (

It’s totally worth the effort, but Google Ad Grants comes with a few tricky bits

This article tackles misconceptions and will help you navigate some of the finer points.

The Top 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Google Ad Grants (

Here’s some FAQs on Google Ad Grants for non-profits, straight from the source

Google Ad Grants: Growing Your Online Marketing Space – Ad Grants Help

Ready to start? Follow the five steps outlined here:

Get started with Google for Nonprofits – Non-Profits Help

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