“The small details have a big impact.”
– Ben Galbraith

Data Enlightenment Services
Transcend knowledge barriers and limitations.
Create a greater future for your non-profit.

Become impactful with better decision-making, better public-impact stories, better donor-reporting—analytics brings organizational enlightenment.

What Do You Know?

Would you be willing to explore the incredible opportunities that come with harnessing the information your organization possesses? What if the cycle of enlightenment could create the transformational change your organization needs? Convert your intention into measures, revolutionize your ability to fundraise, provide greater value to your donors, establish which parts of your community most need your services, and confidently articulate the comprehensive awareness you posses about your organization.

Technology Helps will facilitate the enlightenment cycle while assisting you to develop deeper understanding and knowledge about your organization’s capacity to advance and thrive.

We help you identify the required strategies that will create a greater future for your organization.


Data interpretation, visualization, sourcing, and correlation from multiple locations

Easy to access and use searchable dashboard creation


Synchronization and real time updates