Innovative, professional technology support for non-profits

We pride ourselves on close relationships with community associations, conservation groups, charities, schools, patient/victim recovery services, family support groups, arts institutions, hospital foundations and more.

The organizations we serve share a need for managed IT support, sustainable maintenance practices, cyber-security, consultation expertise, and better information for decision-making.

Our experts are dedicated to helping you. Read our Four Pillars of Service here.

Community Service Desk & emergency technical help

Our Comumunity Service Desk offers empathetic emergency help, long-term technology support, and IT management that fits your unique needs.


Cyber-security is more important to non-profits than ever before. Our Ever Secure program protects you from hacking, email fraud and other forms of cyber-crime.

Analytics for enlightenment & better decisions

The future belongs to organizations who know how to harness their information through the power of analytics. 

Cloud-based organization upgrades

The move is underway: organizations who rely heavily on aging technology and physical servers are moving to the cloud for increased safety and security. 

Technology sourcing & implementation

Through collaboration with our partner organizations and vendors, we source the best technology at the best possible price to fit your budget and workplace.

Technology life-cycle tracking

Your technology life-cycle is a critical consideration. We track, manage and help replace hardware when upgrades are truly needed.

Consultation & training

Some organizations need a technology plan for the future. Others need cyber-security built into their workplace culture. Perhaps you want to manage your data better or need “how-to” materials. We offer specialized consultation and training.