Community Service Desk & emergency technical help

Empathetic emergency help, long-term technology support, and infrastructure management that fits your organization’s unique needs

Remote or on-site: technology issue support when you need it

Training materials for staff at every level of your organization

Be ready for the unexpected. Subscribe to our Community Service Desk here.

Technology life-cycle tracking

Your technology lifecycle is a critical consideration. We track, manage and help you replace hardware when upgrades are truly needed.

Monitoring: identifying issues across cloud accounts and hardware systems that traditional, reactive IT support often misses

Comprehensive IT policy evaluation and development

IT budget assistance: grant-sourcing and fundraising help

Technology sourcing & implementation

Working closely with partner organizations and vendors, we source the best technology at the best possible price to fit your budget and workplace.

New workstations & equipment

Hardware & software updates

Software selection & road mapping

Machine-progress monitoring: identifying replacement needs before it’s critical


Our Ever Secure program combines best practices, leading information security frameworks and organizational training to protect you from hacking, email fraud and other forms of cyber-crime.

Data-centric: identifying your data, it’s value, how it’s used, accessed and stored

Organizational vulnerability analysis

Compliance and policy requirements: Ever Secure complies with PCI, FOIP, PIPA and more

A complete security culture: board and staff training on safe practices needed to secure your organization

Internal bookshelf: custom security policies and best-practices documentation for future guidance 

Ongoing monitoring: security doesn’t stop after deployment—stay up to date with ever-changing threats

Cyber security for non-profits begins at the Board and senior leadership level. Learn why here.

Consultation & training

Some organizations need a plan to ensure technology sustainability. Others need to build cyber-security into their workplace culture. Perhaps you want to know how to manage your data or just need us to build “how-to” materials. Contact us for flexible, specialized, consultation and training.

IT policy evaluation

IT budget assistance

Technology selection and sourcing

Fund-raising and grant-sourcing—leveraging opportunities to take your capacity to the next level


The future belongs to organizations who harness their information through the power of analytics. Better decision-making, better public-impact stories, better donor-reporting—analytics brings organizational enlightenment.

No more digging through spreadsheets and databases manually

Easier data access, particularly after cloud migration

Data interpretation and visualization

Data sourcing and correlation from multiple locations

Easy-to-use, searchable dashboard creation

Synchronization and updating in real time

Analytics provides Enlightenment, one of Technology Helps’ four pillars of service. Learn how here.

Cloud-based organization upgrades

The move is underway: organizations who rely heavily on aging technology and physical servers are moving to the cloud for increased safety and security. We migrate you to the cloud safely and efficiently for a productive future.

Consolidation of physical systems into effective, virtual cloud-based systems

Complete backup systems and file storage

Organization-specific IT policy development

Comprehensive disaster-recovery planning and implementation

We provide technology services to help you reach your goals.