A community is strong when families are strong. When a family in our community is going through a hard time, we band together to help those in need. That’s why Technology Helps has teamed up with iKare4Kids.

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Technology Helps started working with the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society after they asked us about creating a simple way to keep in contact with their many volunteers.

North West Redwater Partnership Awards

North West Redwater Partnership operates the Sturgeon Refinery near Redwater, Alberta. It is the world’s only refinery designed to minimize our environmental footprint through carbon capture and storage.

Helping People

Hard working and skilled people are the backbone to any not-for-profit or charity. When these people are properly trained and given the tools they need to succeed, not-for-profits can run efficiently, effectively and thrive.

Helping the Environment

Climate change continues to change our environment. Protecting the environmental aspects we cherish, such as the quality of our land has become increasingly challenging.

Legal Advice

Navigating Canada’s legal system can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive. We believe that all people should have access to fair quality representation and legal advice.

Youth Justice

Our youth are the cornerstone of building a strong community; they grow to envision and create our future. A major challenge with youth is that they are at a disadvantage and can be considered “at risk”.


Education and learning are paramount in people’s growth and help to prepare them for a more prosperous future. Learning can be a challenge for some people and technology can make a big impact.

Arts and Culture

As a Calgary based company we care deeply about the arts and culture in our city. Our city is blessed to be home to many talented people with a variety of artistic vision and creativity that help make Calgary one of the most unique cities in Canada.

Health and Social Services

Technology Helps has worked closely with organizations in the social services sector. Some key examples of this have included helping an organization that does brain injury rehabilitation.

Poverty Prevention

We have helped poverty prevention organizations in migrating their offices between cities. Not only moving and redeploying their infrastructure, but also improving their local technology capabilities tailored to their needs.

Safer Communities

Across Canada, many people are alone and vulnerable every day. Those at risk from domestic violence, hitchhiking, work in the sex trade, mental illness, addictions and homelessness are particularly unsafe.