Centre for Sexuality

“My job is always to make sure that people have the tools to do their job. But I needed an intermediate because I knew nothing about it.”

“That’s the role Technology Helps plays—working in partnership to ensure my staff and I have the tools to create maximum impact in the community.”

– Pam Krause, CEO, Centre for Sexuality

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A community is strong when families are strong. When a family in our community is going through a hard time, we band together to help those in need. That’s why Technology Helps has teamed up with iKare4Kids.
By providing gently used iPads/tablets to families in financial need with critically ill/injured children, iKare4Kids and Technology Helps have enabled people to access resources and organize information regarding their child’s care. They can access electronic medical records, organize different appointments with different doctors, and maintain consistency in following treatment plans.

Not only does having access to an iPads/tablet empower families to keep up with the ever-changing technology surrounding healthcare, it also provides entertainment, keeps them connected with family and friends, and children can continue their schooling. These are just a few of the reasons why we do what we do, but ultimately, having access to technology helps relieve stress during a difficult time.

Our organization has an ongoing partnership with iKare4Kids in which we refurbish gently used donated iPads/tablets. Your donation is then passed on to the kids and families in need. Technology Helps also provides ongoing tech support for those who need it to maximize their experience. We are truly making a difference.

To donate or further information can be found at or by emailing

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Technology Helps started working with the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society after they asked us about creating a simple way to keep in contact with their many volunteers. Communication is important to have many successful events and fundraisers. Technology Helps quickly set them up in the online world, and now communication can flow easily to every staff member and volunteer, making it easier for everyone involved.
“Moving our organization to SharePoint has really allowed our employees to work as a team and collaborate more efficiently. Having the ability to access files from home or on the go is paramount to the operation of our small non-profit, creating the flexibility we need to keep our board members, staff and volunteers connected.”
Andrea Hunt – Executive Director for Calgary Wildlife

North West Redwater Partnership Awards

North West Redwater Partnership operates the Sturgeon Refinery near Redwater, Alberta. It is the world’s only refinery designed to minimize our environmental footprint through carbon capture and storage, while producing the cleaner, high value diesel and fuel products from Alberta’s low value bitumen.
NWR believes that Recognition is key to not only the successful execution of a project but to the ongoing future of positive project successes. North West Redwater Partnership is proud to have provided awards to the following organizations that Technology Helps works with.

Award Winners :
The Diamond Willow Youth Lodge offers a welcoming gathering place for Indigenous youth to connect with peers, participate in their own sense of healing and well-being, and access a variety of supports.
Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation offers support to breast cancer patients through individual and group care programs, that help patients navigate the many physical, and emotional side effects that arise from breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) is dedicated to treating injured and orphaned wildlife, providing valuable outreach and education services to the community and engaging all volunteers in motivational work and skill building experience.

The Hangar Flight Museum is a busy and growing museum that fosters the understanding and appreciation of the evolution of flight through stories told about the airplanes, and helicopters in our collection and the men and women who designed and flew them. The collection holds rare and historically significant military and civilian aircraft sure to delight visitors young and old!

Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) is a not-for-profit association. It serves community-based service provider members who support people with developmental disabilities or brain injury. The goal of ACDS is to ensure quality service delivery for individuals within Community Disability Services (CDS).

The Honens International Piano Competition takes place every three years and is considered one of the world’s most prestigious events of its kind. Honens prepares its Laureates for the rigors and realities of professional careers in music and creates opportunities for growth and exposure. The annual Honens Festival is one of Canada’s premier piano events.

Helping People

Hard working and skilled people are the backbone to any not-for-profit or charity. When these people are properly trained and given the tools they need to succeed, not-for-profits can run efficiently, effectively and thrive. We have worked with organizations to provide training, workshops, seminars and clinics. We provide useful skills training and develop a custom training solution specifically designed to meet our clients needs and train the staff to utilize their system to its fullest capabilities. This helps facilitate stronger connections and between our not-for-profit organizations and their clients.

Helping the Environment

Climate change continues to change our environment. Protecting the environmental aspects we cherish, such as the quality of our land has become increasingly challenging. Land conservation is a cause that is made easier through new technology. We have helped our clients with this cause by moving their data and email to cloud based services, setting up workstations, and integrating these systems with new conservation technologies. We continually support their ongoing conservation efforts through our Community Service Desk with 24/7 support for anything they may need.

Legal Advice

Navigating Canada’s legal system can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive. We believe that all people should have access to fair quality representation and legal advice. We work closely with organizations that provide free legal advice to those that do not qualify for legal aid. In helping to build a thriving community we also support organizations that assist in immigration and family law. We have done this by providing technology systems such as online management systems that are specifically for law firms and has been adapted to not-for -profits giving them better navigation of their client list and management system.

Youth Justice

Our youth are the cornerstone of building a strong community; they grow to envision and create our future. A major challenge with youth is that they are at a disadvantage and can be considered “at risk”, it is important to comprehensively support the youth and provide them with the latest tools and skills they need to meet the challenges of today’s world. In support of this Technology Helps has helped organizations that have connected adult volunteers with at risk youth. To support these organizations, we have assisted in the migration of out of date e-mail and file systems to cloud based systems. These changes have upgraded the organization and its capabilities into the modern era, providing a foundation for the youth at risk to go forward with the right tools to create a positive future. We focus on acquiring and setting up new workstations and equipment that is specifically geared towards these youth. As members of our Community Service Desk these organizations receive continual support regarding new technology as it becomes available.


Education and learning are paramount in people’s growth and help to prepare them for a more prosperous future. Learning can be a challenge for some people and technology can make a big impact on improving one’s ability to learn, for this reason Technology Helps has provided extensive support to schools that support children who have been identified as having a learning disability and other learning impairments. Our work with these schools has included helping with the deployment of Cisco Meraki-based Wi-Fi solutions to replace outdated wireless systems. These new Meraki networks are capable of powering the new technology learning tools of the future, which are geared toward children with learning impairments. Other areas of assistance for these schools have included consolidation of their aging technology and plans to upgrade systems when it becomes necessary, to the development of an IT disaster recovery plan in case of any critical issues. Finally, we have enhanced their cyber security through our Ever Secure program. This program assesses all their computers, networks, organizational process, IT Policies, trains end users on safe practices and provides a bookshelf of resources. Security is paramount in the Educational sector with the need for an organization to protect its sensitive data relating to children and their special needs.

Arts and Culture

As a Calgary based company we care deeply about the arts and culture in our city. Our city is blessed to be home to many talented people with a variety of artistic vision and creativity that help make Calgary one of the most unique cities in Canada. We were are very proud to work with these organizations that are dedicated to music and performing arts in Calgary. One of the most effective solutions we offer is creating an on-line file sharing system that provides the board of directors an easier way to share information securely and currently, utilizing website portals. Before, it was difficult for organizations to keep track of and organize their files between multiple e-mails and drives, that could be scattered throughout an organizations file system, it was easy to lose track of the most current version of the file. These migrations have been focused on moving organizational files to a hybrid SharePoint/Azure cloud environment making sure that all the data is consistently backed up, secure and easily accessible. This allows for both off-site file backup to supplement the local file systems and remote access to those files. The Performing Arts sector in particular has a focus on audio and video files, this requires an extensive cloud-based storage system with lots of space to share and store these large files and to make them quickly accessible. Other projects for the performing arts have included upgrading computer systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10; which is now critical in order to be able to utilize the new cloud features efficiently.

Health and Social Services

Technology Helps has worked closely with organizations in the social services sector. Some key examples of this have included helping an organization that does brain injury rehabilitation. We implemented a better solution for Wi-Fi and upgraded access ports, leading to a high quality and sustainable Wi-Fi access throughout the offices. This upgrade helped to support the technology utilized in the brain rehabilitation process; making overall operations more reliable for doctors and patients. Other aspects of implementation have included a cloud-based file system for the efficient sharing of documents and to better manage and properly secure client data. We completed a parallel project to move their outdated operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10; allowing for updated desktop support, so that our client may focus more on their mission of helping those that are going through the toughest battle of their life, cancer. These organizations provide both physical and mental support to those currently fighting breast cancer, brain injury, children in the hospital, and more.

Poverty Prevention

We have helped poverty prevention organizations in migrating their offices between cities. Not only moving and redeploying their infrastructure, but also improving their local technology capabilities tailored to their needs. This work included file migration to cloud-based systems for file sharing, storage and backup. These systems promote easy file access for employees and volunteers using mobile devices, as well while abroad for fast and up to date information across time zones. This is key for organizations that have an international base; as much of their work is in developing countries. Another major aspect of this move was to implement a voice over internet system, removing the need for local phones and providing ease of access for calling from a local number anywhere, and saving the organizations money in fees and maintenance.

Safer Communities

Safer Communities: Protecting at-risk Canadians with real-time technology
Across Canada, many people are alone and vulnerable every day. Those at risk from domestic violence, hitchhiking, work in the sex trade, mental illness, addictions and homelessness are particularly unsafe. Technology Helps, in partnership with Aware360, spearheaded the Safer Communities Initiative to bring technological innovation to the aid of vulnerable populations. The program uses low-cost smartphone-based technology to offer people help whenever they need it.

Working with social agencies, the Safer Communities Initiative provides an app that connects to live responders at Telelink and BC SafetyLink, professional response centres staffed by people from the Gitxsan First Nation. When in distress, clients can use the app to notify responders and get immediate help. They can communicate directly with response centre staff or simply silently trigger an alarm that includes location information to guide responders. Agencies can define the response procedure that best supports their clients and ensures the right balance between protection and privacy.

The initial pilot program was launched to clients of The Blue Door Program in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Smartphones were given to sex workers who opted-in to the program, providing 24/7 response and a monitoring application system specifically for Blue Door clients and assets.
The Safer Communities Initiative has also been deployed in Alberta for women at risk – and they’ve already responded positively to its support. Aware360 and its partners believe everyone has a right to be protected and understand that people are most vulnerable when they’re alone – away from the social networks and services that could protect them.

By providing this service free of charge to vulnerable populations, the Safer Communities Project helps prevent violence by giving people a defense when they’re defenseless, a voice when they’re alone, and a real-time, consistent connection to people who care.

About Aware360:

Aware360 understands people are the most important part of any workplace and provides the tools to ensure they will have help whenever it’s needed. Driven by our passion for people, Aware360 creates solutions to connect people with personal technology to those who care and can help. This ensures people are safe, especially when they are exposed to social, environmental or health risks.
From workers in the most remote locations to delivery drivers in urban areas, we provide the technology and response network to ensure their safety anywhere in the world. That’s the power of PeopleIoT™ solutions.