An enormous problem facing the social purpose sector

Three vintage computers showcasing design evolution.

Grappling with chronic underfunding and a lack of expertise, the social purpose sector is increasingly facing the problem of technology poverty. Technology poverty is when organizations lack access to the technology required to operate effectively, such as sufficient hardware and software solutions to propel them into the digital era. This lack of technology also makes organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks and incidents, greatly affecting organizations operations, financial stability, and trust.

5 Billion

internet users in the world in 2022


of the world population has access to some kind of IT


of Non-Profits changed the way they work after the pandemic


of the organizations surveyed reported a drop in revenue during the pandemic


or more is the dropped charity donations after the pandemic

Our mission is to end technology poverty through affordable and impactful technology and security.

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How is technology poverty hampering the organizations making difference?

Organizations are vulnerable to cyber threats like malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches and threatens organizations with non-compliance and the loss of trust. 

Hinders operational efficiency, communication, data management, and the utilization of digital tools for outreach, fundraising, and service delivery.

Without robust online presence and digital outreach capabilities, organizations struggle to effectively connect with their target audiences, beneficiaries, donors, and stakeholders.

Impedes organizations from effectively collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data to measure impact, make informed decisions, and showcase value to funders and supporters.

Eliminating technology poverty is crucial for empowering the community to maximize their impact, reach underserved communities, and drive sustainable social change in an increasingly digital world. Organizations will benefit greatly from affordable and accessible technology and cybersecurity expertise

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