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We are a movement dedicated to ending technology poverty in the social purpose sector through technology support, innovation, and cybersecurity.

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Old Tech, Less Impact. We get it – outdated tech wastes time and resources.

Focus on your mission, not IT struggles. We support social good with secure, modern solutions. Join us!

How can we help?

Over 8 years, we have empowered numerous organizations to become more secure and efficient through technology. Our impact partners have benefited greatly from: 

  • Significant cost savings 
  • Unrivalled, comprehensive cybersecurity program 
  • Increased operational efficiency and higher focus on important missions 
  • Friendly, accessible, and knowledgeable advisors 

Our signature services: EverSECURE Cybersecurity Program and EverSUPPORT Managed IT Services are specifically designed to fully support the day-to-day operations of impactful organizations and keep them secure from modern cyber-threats. 

For your Operations:

A comprehensive support system tailored to optimize your organization’s daily operations, ensure robust technology management, proactive and friendly support, and strategic alignment with your organizational goals.

For your Security:

Provides high-level cybersecurity solutions to safeguard sensitive data, improve access control, and meet compliance standards. We combine best-practices, training, and frameworks tailored to the sector’s requirements.

Our team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Impact Partners

On our journey to empower our communities and eliminate technology poverty, we are fortunate to partner with many impactful organizations. Meet our impact partners:

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