Donate A Device

Donate your used (or new) technology and make a difference!

A lack of adequate computer technology is leaving many community members behind.
Computers and internet access play a vital role in education, health care access, mental-wellbeing, employment while being a parent/caregiver, and countless other aspects of everyday life. By repurposing used technology, we not only help people, we also reduce our environmental footprint.  

The need is constant

Technology Helps constantly seeks digital devices, laptops, tower computers and related hardware for the not-for-profit community and the people they serve. Computer access is vital and the people disadvantaged by a lack of it outnumber the supply.

Put that crate of used technology to better use

Chances are good your organization has some spot where old keyboards, mice, monitors and used computers are gathering dust. We refurbish this equipment at no cost, update its software and operating systems and get it as close to new as possible. Then we get it to one of the many charities on our waiting list.

Help the community and be recognized

We love sharing good-news stories and we want to make you part of one! But if you’re a donor or recipient who prefers to be anonymous, know that your privacy will always be respected.

Does your organization or the people you serve need technology help?

With the assistance of generous donors, we’ve put computers in the hands of young cancer patients, helped Calgarians develop reading skills, and sourced computers for scientific research initiatives. Availability is often limited, but we’re here to help.

Larry Mathieson, CEO

Kerby Centre Calgary AB.

Many seniors have moved online for the first time due to the pandemic. The donation of two laptops from Technology Helps will add to our inventory of devices we can lend to seniors, helping to reduce their social isolation.

Eryn Dewald, Executive Director

The Children’s Link Society, Calgary AB.

Raising a child with a disability can increase family stress and it can be overwhelming for families to find necessary resources. Some of our clients needed functioning computers during the pandemic. Through Technology Helps, we were able to provide a family with an updated, refurbished laptop. This eased the burden on the family and provided the tools they needed to work and learn from home.

Technology Helps would like to thank our donors:

Before you donate:


Is it newer than 10 years old?

Computers older than that often have components that are below modern requirements or are nearing end-of-life.


Is it functional?

If it won’t start, has a broken screen, or is missing keys we likely can’t use it.  If the device is newer, it may contain valuable parts we can use in other computers—but no old, broken machines please.


Is it clean?

Thanks, but we can’t accept it if it is overly filthy.

Got a computer? Need a computer?