“Digitally-enabled organizations use technology skillfully to operate more efficiently and provide higher-quality, beneficiary-focused services.”
– The Canadian Centre for Nonprofit Digital Resilience

Redefining True Technology Security and Support

Technology Helps is a social enterprise dedicated to providing affordable and accessible technology guidance, service, security, and support to non-profit and social good organizations. Driving meaningful change and empowering our clients through technological transformation, we’ve worked with over 200 organizations across Canada.

We focus on addressing the complex social problem of the
under-resourced and digitally deficient non-profit and social good sectors. A systemic problem requires a powerful supportive system solution.

Technology Helps has developed comprehensive cybersecurity and technical assistance platforms that allow our partners to be truly secure and supported, ensuring long term success and sustainability.

Our Story

Technology Helps, a Canadian social enterprise, is dedicated to creating systemic change in the non-profit and social purpose sectors.

We believe that every organization, regardless of size or resources, should harness technology to amplify its impact.
With our extensive background in business and technology strategy, we started as a volunteer effort with the intention to make a positive difference in our communities.

Realizing the devastating technological deficiencies that many non-profit and social purpose organizations face, we took bold action. Introducing Technology Helps, we revolutionized IT and Cybersecurity services, providing tailored systems of security and support exclusively for the sector.

Our comprehensive systems unlock new possibilities, enhancing operational efficiency, strengthening cybersecurity defenses, and maximizing impact. We set new standards, ensuring the sector has the necessary technology guidance, tools, and systems to thrive.
Our team consists of extraordinary tech-savvy experts committed to empowering the sector through digital transformation. 

Join our community of visionary leaders and innovative organizations who have embraced Technology Helps as their technology partner. Together, we will bridge the technology gap, remove barriers, empower your mission, and drive positive change. Contact us today and embark on a digital transformation journey that will propel your organization forward.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in providing true systems of security and support for those that wish to make the world a better place. Your mission becomes our mission. By empowering those that are focused on enriching our community, we find deep fulfillment and meaning in our work and pride ourselves in working with visionary leaders in the sector.

Our team works specifically in the social good sector because we are passionate about effectively assisting organizations to become more innovative, impactful, sustainable, and successful in delivering mission. We are are stewards of the technology environment within your organization. 


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the non-profit and tech sector.

Client Focused

We know the sector well, we have all worked, volunteered and contribute to non-profit organizations. Buildling meaningful relationships with our clients is extremley important to us. Trust is key.


We are focused on offering solutions that allow your organization to be sustainable long term. We tailor each of our services specifically towards the needs and requirements of each individual non-profit.

Cost Effective Pricing

We take a holistic view of the technological landscape and find the best programs and software options based on our clients individual needs. We determine the most cost-effective approach to addressing an organization’s technology requirements, focusing on long-term sustainability and maintainability.