System of Support

“Most nonprofits don’t use tech the way tech companies use tech. A tech-enabled nonprofit can have a global impact.”
– Hadi Partovi

A Comprehensive System of Support

Experience reliable and friendly technological support, guidance and direction focused on delivering increased productivity​, efficiency, clarity, and ease in your organization.

With EverSupport your organization will:
· Access rapid, affordable, empathetic, and professional 24/7 IT support
· Eliminate hours troubleshooting frustrating technology issues
· Reduce the cost of wasted time
· Increase valuable time spent on achieving your mission
· Enhance impact

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Empowering Missions 

Eversupport is more than just tech assistance, we’re passionate about supporting your cause and enhancing your impact. Our team, rich in experience, knowledge, and empathy, is dedicated to providing technology solutions that resonate with the heart of your mission.

EverSupport: Designed for the Sector

We offer customized IT support, proactive management, and 24 hour quick emergency assistance, all tailored to serving the sector, focused on your organization’s unique needs and budget. We understand the importance of immediate response to critical tech issues, ensuring technology is a reliable tool in your mission-driven journey.

Focused on Your Impact

We know that technology, while essential, can often become a source of stress and unforeseen costs. That’s why EverSupport is committed to removing these obstacles, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – making an impact. 

Let’s work together to advance your mission with confidence and peace of mind.

EverSupport Features

•  A full team dedicated to supporting your organization with technology issues 24/7
• Remote or on-site assistance response
• Response time of no more than one hour
• Application-specific assistance as well as system troubleshooting
• 24/7 network and server monitoring
• Implementation of network optimization programs monitoring 60 performance metrics, including memory and disk usage
• Backup and disaster recovery support
• Server management and troubleshooting
• Mobile device support
• End-Point Protection
• Training materials for staff at every level of your organization
and more!

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A few things we’re great at



We go beyond everyday assistance by actively securing your network and user endpoints. Our Rapid Detection and Response (RDR) system steps in where traditional antivirus falls short. It swiftly identifies hacker activities, isolates compromised devices to prevent further damage, and informs IT teams with actionable insights on the breach and prevention strategies.

You’re not just protected; you’re proactively defended against advanced cyber threats.


Working closely with partner organizations and vendors, we source the best technology at the best possible price to fit your budget and workplace.

• New workstations & equipment
• Hardware & software updates
• Software selection & road mapping
• Machine-progress monitoring: identifying replacement needs before it’s critical

Your technology lifecycle is a critical consideration. We track, manage, and help you replace hardware when upgrades are truly needed.


Cloud-based organization upgrades
The move is underway: organizations who rely heavily on aging technology and physical servers are moving to the cloud for increased safety and security. We migrate you to the cloud safely and efficiently for a productive future.

• Consolidation of physical systems into effective, virtual cloud-based systems
• Complete backup systems and file storage
• Organization-specific IT policy development
• Comprehensive disaster-recovery planning and implementation


Flexible, specialized consultation and training to ensure technology sustainability, manage data or building “how-to” materials.

• Identify skills gap
• Lunch and learns
• IT policy evaluation
• IT budget assistance
• Fund-raising and grant-sourcing—leveraging opportunities to take your capacity to the next level


Identifying issues across cloud accounts and hardware systems that traditional, reactive IT support often misses.

Comprehensive IT policy evaluation and development.

IT budget assistance: grant-sourcing and fundraising help.