Daniel Waycik

Daniel Waycik

Project Manager, Bread

Daniel Waycik’s career is marked by innovative leadership in technology and community development. Currently, as the Program Manager for the Bread app at Technology Helps, Daniel leads a crucial project aimed at enhancing emergency food accessibility in Calgary. This role highlights their expertise in project management and stakeholder engagement, creating solutions that leverage technology for social good.

A significant milestone in Daniel’s career is co-founding Persons Community Solutions (PCS), where they have contributed to developing sustainable, community co-created operations like innovative security and outreach services. Their work at PCS underscores a deep commitment to community well-being and operational efficiency.

In addition to these roles, Daniel’s involvement with Pride Winnipeg and IAP2 Canada as a board member demonstrates a broader commitment to community service and governance. Their diverse experiences across various organizations reflect a unique blend of skills in safety, security, operations development and community engagement.

Daniel’s approach is characterized by a forward-thinking perspective, leveraging historical insights and technological innovation to address contemporary challenges in community safety and well-being. Their career is a testament to their dedication to creating inclusive, sustainable solutions that empower communities.